Being SEC compliant, in and of itself, is not the same as being prepared for an SEC exam.

Your goal should be a constant state of exam preparedness.  

This 12-step guide is intended to help you:

 »  Mitigate potential business disruption

 »  Avoid additional labor costs

 »  Minimize stress and overwhelm

 »  Prevent deficiencies, fines, or actions


The SEC can conduct an exam of a federally registered investment adviser at any time, for any reason. The worst time to try and prepare is between the notification of an exam and the examiners’ arrival at the door.

Knowing what to expect and how to prepare will help you avoid panic when you receive that phone call or hear that knock on the door and will empower you to successfully manage the exam process once it is initiated.

The Survival Guide will give you a sense of how prepared you are and help to identify any critical gaps in your compliance program, with tips, suggestions, and recommendations compiled from industry leaders as well as the SEC itself.

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Download Your SEC Exam Survival Guide & Exam Priorities Matrix