SEC Request List w/ Updated Trade Blotter Request

Examination Information Request List

An recent SEC request letter lists 13 items to be provided initially to the SEC, several of which are comprehensive. For example:

  • iStock_000022435153SmallThe list of current advisory clients, indicating those that are wrap clients, includes 15 separate pieces of information.
  • A record of the names of securities held in all client portfolios. The request letter is accompanied by an attachment describing eight required fields.
  • A trade blotter that lists all transactions, including trade errors, cancellations, re-bills and reallocations in securities and other financial instruments (including privately offered funds) for (1) current and former clients, (2) proprietary and/or trading accounts, and (3) access person. There is a three-page attachment describing the 27 fields that are to be included on the trade blotter.

Get a Head Start

Share the request letter with your colleagues, and begin “requesting” the information. Take the time, now, to make sure you are able to gather this information in a timely manner and in the format being requested, so that when the SEC comes knocking on the door (and they will come knocking) you will be prepared!

SEC request list with updated trade blotter request

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