SEC to Implement Two-Factor Authentication for EDGAR Password Reset

Save yourself a headache!  

Update your EDGAR contact information, and don’t let your password expire!

The SEC plans to implement two-factor authentication for Passphrase reset requests for EDGAR.


Why does this matter?

It could delay your filings!

When your firm obtains EDGAR credentials for filings, you are provided (among other things) a Password (which has an expiration date) and a Passphrase (which does not).  The Password is what is needed to file.  If you lose or forget the Password or do not renew it before it expires, historically, you needed your Passphrase to request a new Password.

Now that the SEC is implementing two-factor authentication, not only will you need your Passphrase, you will also need a security code, which will be emailed to the contact on file within the EDGAR database.  If the contact information is not correct, you will not receive the code.  If you cannot retrieve the code (or if you lose or forget your Passphrase); the firm will have to obtain brand new credentials by filling out a notarized form and submitting it to EDGAR.

The SEC warned there could be “significant delays…due to a manual review of the Passphrase update request, which may span beyond 48 hours and may affect a filer’s ability to submit their filings timely.”


How can I be prepared?

Check the EDGAR database now to ensure contact information is current, and don’t let your password expire!


How do I check the EDGAR database?

  1. Visit
  2. Enter CIK and Password
  3. On the left hand panel, select Retrieve/Edit Data
  4. Enter your CIK and CCC
  5. In the center panel, select Retrieve Company Information
  6. If you need to update any information, you can select the Edit Company Information Button at bottom of page and save your changes.


View the SEC's Announcement



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